The smiley face killers documentary

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The smiley face killers documentary

Is a shadowy but organized cabal of serial killers responsible for murdering 40 or so drunken white college-aged males and then dumping their cadavers in waterways to wash away the physical evidence?

Should we—as Americans generally, but more specifically the drunken white college-aged males among us—be very, very afraid? In other words, is the theory for real…or just really dumb? Either way, it is stubbornly persistent. Inretired New York police detectives Frank Gannon and Anthony Duarte went public with what many have dismissed as a cockamamie theory. They claimed that starting around and stretching across eleven states from New York to Minnesota, more than three dozen waterlogged corpses that had been dredged from rivers and lakes and ponds shared too many similarities for it all to be coincidental:.

They theorize that the perpetrator was possibly clumsy, ugly, and dumb—and therefore motivated by envy. But at least two of them were eventually determined to be homicides:.

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His corpse was dragged out of the East River two months later and twelve miles away. He was found floating in the water face-up, which is extremely rare for drowning victims.

Smiley Face Killers Theory: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

An autopsy revealed ligature marks around his neck. In other words, McNeill was dead before he ever hit the water. Four months later, his body was found encased in ice in the Mississippi River, face up with his hands folded across his chest—again, not the typical position for a drowning victim. According to forensic pathologist Dr. Despite such support, Gannon, Duarte, and their goofy little theory have legions of critics. If you look in an area five miles square, I bet you could find a smiley face.

The vast majority of these instances appear to be alcohol-related drownings. Gannon—who once claimed to have mortgaged his house so he could pursue his Smiley Face investigations—seems to have stopped researching the case sometime around He and Duarte have reportedly moved on to more lucrative cases. I feel Kevin is like a sponge—he latches onto the families, sucks the life out of them, and when he has nothing else to suck, he dumps them…. Do I think he has revictimized families and done more harm than good?

Despite all this, the Smiley Face theory persists. According to Eugene Kane of OnMilwaukee. At most, its proponents may have unwittingly spurred one or two copycat murders by some bored dimwits in the frozen Midwest.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. By Jim Goad Updated February 21, Smiley Face Killer. For now it remains only a theory that has yet to be proved. About the author Stop worrying about good and bad More From Thought Catalog.

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the smiley face killers documentary

You're in! Follow Thought Catalog. Post to Cancel.How do they operate? Do they have a name? Read on. They even know which dorm. They sit outside and watch them. They have to have some kind of military background. The Oxygen series and its investigators selected six of the most suspicious cases to highlight on the series in a quest to prove to the public that the young men featured in them were victims of homicide. In most cases, local authorities have written off drowning deaths of young men around the United States in rivers and lakes as undetermined cause or accidental drownings due to alcohol.

The theory definitely has its skeptics, and it remains unproven. Facebook Dakota James.

Who Are the Smiley Face Killers? Does the Gang Exist?

For example, in Minneapolis, the death of Wisconsin-raised college student Chris Jenkins — who was found in the Mississippi River in a Halloween costume after a night out — was not ruled a homicide for years until authorities suddenly did an about face and said he was the victim of one. This death may have been due to ligature strangulation.

Oxygen pic. The FBI has in the past thrown cold water on the idea that an organized gang of smiley face killers is committing serial murder of young, preppy, athletic, handsome and intelligent men throughout the United States and especially in the Midwest. The victims, typically in their 20s, and typically Caucasian, vanish after nights out in bars with friends, only to turn up deceased in rivers or lakes, in some cases under more suspicious circumstances than in others.

The investigators claim the killers left scrawled smiley faces at some of the scenes. The smiley face serial killer theory is a decade-old theory pushed by the group of retired law enforcement officers and a Minnesota college professor. The FBI looked at the cases in and released a statement that there was no evidence to support the smiley face serial killer theory.

James was the subject of episode one. We need to come and reopen this case and look at it as a homicide. The team of investigators went to scenes and did their own investigations, Gannon said. He said the investigative team would reveal them to law enforcement. They have studied where they think the men were most likely to go into the water.

Can these retired detectives help overturn Luke Homan's case from accidental drowning to homicide?Other than in recent years, it was rare to hear an account of a man leaving a bar or special event venue and then turn up dead in a body of water. But as time goes on, more and more bodies matching the same profile and bizarre pattern of demise are being discovered throughout the U.

S and UK. It seems to be a peculiarly and recent male occurance. Their appearance is typical among such victims: good looking and clean cut. Many of them had promising futures. The deviation on build is skewed on the thinner, smaller side. The notion that large numbers of young men — many of whom were athletic and swimmers — could just accidentally drown, often in shallow water and sometimes many miles from where they were last seen, is ludicrous on its face.

There appears to be a pattern of in-your-face taunting in the manner in which the corpses are dumped. Autopsies frequently indicate time of death many days after the disappearances. Their bodies are frequently discovered far up river from where they were last seen.

Many locations would require considerable effort to access on foot. Despite matching patterns of unusual circumstance, police and the media tend to ignore the possibility that these men are being murdered. Retired New York City detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte researched forensic patterns in these cases and published their conclusions in in a book, Case Studies in Drowning Forensics, For their time and effort, these two men were attacked and smeared in a familiar and time-worn way.

The detectives and others, such as documentary producer William Ramsey, believe that the victims were abducted and taken someplace, where they were tortured and murdered by gangs or organizations of serial killers who sometimes leave a chilling calling card: a smiley face.

A minority of cases are associated with smiley-face graffiti. This particular debunker claims there are no signs of injuries and trauma, which is simply not factual as you will see in the Ramsey documentary. Nonetheless, the smiley face does show up often in the horror fiction genre. As William Ramsey demonstrates in his highly recommended documentary available on Vimeothe symbol is spotted throughout popular culture as a negative, chaos, or evil force.

Many others met a similar fate within a hundred miles of this cluster. Police in the statement spent an inordinate amount of effort dismissing the drownings as murders because the smiley-face graffiti played no role. They should have CCTV images from start to finish near the tracks of most if not all of these men. And regular readers know what we think of the pattern of withholding surveillance footage from the public.Damn you, The Smiley Face Killers creators!

I was lured into thinking this was a documentary, when it turns out it was not. But in my defense, there was no reason not to question its authenticity at first. YouTube started autoplaying it after I finished watching Of Dolls and Murderan actual documentary.

Somehow they got the supposed murder of the documentarian on film but no arrests had been made? What was even happening in the investigation? Had any leeway been made? The whole mannequin scene seemed fishy to me. Or something. It just seemed hokey and random. That was bad science. Throw the buoy up a little farther.

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Of course it was going to go to the other side like it did. Every police department was going to categorize all these deaths as accidental drownings? Super suspish! Women are almost always the target of serial killers, with a few exceptions.

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Sadly, gay males have been targets too. Also, American Horror Story is pretty good about incorporating real life events into its plots. Had I missed that that was based on real life events? How crazy would that be?Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale.

Watch the video. Title: The Smiley Face Killers Well-presented series looking into the deaths of 6 healthy young men who accidentally drowned.

Were their deaths accidental, or will the investigation reveal evidence of foul play? Serial killer Keith Jesperson murders at least eight women over a five-year span and taunts authorities with disturbing letters and scribbled confessions signed with a happy face. Series examining the disappearance of Crystal Rogers from her small Kentucky town and the mysterious death of her father a year later.

As investigators look closer, other unsolved cases emerge. Documents the murder of Jessica Chambers, talks to friends and family of both Jessica and Quentin Tellis man accused of killing her discusses the evidence there is or isn't and has parts of the court trial s that have taken place.

The series promises It would be that night in that year-old Martha Moxley would take her When bright, young nursing student Maura Murray vanished on February 9,witnesses heard what they thought was a car crash and then saw Maura outside her vehicle on the side of the Ed Kemper, also known as the Co-Ed Killer, murdered and dismembered 10 people, including his own mother.

After a young actress unknowingly eats her roommate's marijuana cupcakes, her day becomes a series of misadventures.

Hugely influential, surreal and anarchic parody of the variety show format. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer introduce a selection of eccentric characters. The show often appears to be completely random, ramshackle and nonsensical. A young African American woman vanished in Investigative reporter Shawndrea Thomas and retired deputy Police Chief Joe Delia attempt to unravel the mysterious unsolved case in the hope of finding justice for her and her family.

Investigators Dig Deeper On Dakota James Mystery

Two young lovers rob their way across the southland, posting their exploits to social media, and gaining fame and followers as a result. Since The Smiley Face Killers gang has been responsible for the drowning deaths of over 80 young men across 11 states. They torture their victims using water boarding style techniques for days and in some cases months until they kill them. Then they dump the bodies in nearby rivers or lakes subsequently washing away any evidence and always leave their signature, a Smiley Face painted nearby.

InAndrew Fitzgerald who had followed the cases since he was in high school began working on a documentary that once completed would be the most comprehensive piece ever done on these killers. Using social media as a launch pad he was generating interest along the way by documenting the behind the scenes happenings so people could see first hand just what it took to make a film of this caliber. Written by Anonymous.

This mockumentary is a disgraceful, disrespectful, cynical attempt at what? Is it black humor? Is this about adding a credit to a resume? To be so unfeeling and cold, so effortlessly, is all I'd ever need to witness regarding anyone involved in this piece of garbage.

There were real victims and there are real, heartbroken families and friends left behind, you jerks. How proud and happy YOUR families must be.

Shame on you all. This continued pattern of murders and senseless loss of promising young people is terrifying, and should be treated as such. Perhaps Steph Young, David Paulides, or some other tireless researcher or author will finally be able to uncover what's behind these sinister crimes. If a senator's son died this way, I think we'd see a tremendous amount of publicity and effort to solve the crime.

So sad. Sign In.The Smiley face murder theory variations include Smiley face murdersSmiley face killingsSmiley face gangand others is a theory advanced by retired New York City detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, and Dr.

Lee Gilbertson, a criminal justice professor and gang expert at St. Cloud State University. The term "smiley face" became connected to the alleged murders when it was made public that the police had discovered graffiti depicting a smiley face near locations where they think the killer dumped the bodies in at least a dozen of the cases.

Gannon wrote a textbook case study on the subject titled "Case Studies in Drowning Forensics".

the smiley face killers documentary

As recently asGannon and Duarte were examining evidence [5] going back to the late s that they believe connects the deaths of 45 college -age males whose dead bodies were found in water in 11 states, often after leaving parties or bars where they had been drinking.

The men, according to the former detectives, often fit a profile of being popular, athletic and successful students, and most were white. Gannon and Duarte have theorized that the young men were all murdered, either by an individual or by an organized group of killers. Ina new article appeared on the Daily Beast that highlighted the theory advanced over the years that a serial killer is abducting and murdering subjects of college age.

the smiley face killers documentary

Other police forces that have investigated the deaths dispute the conclusion that the cases are linked. Police departments that are involved do not currently view the deaths associated with smiley faces present at the scenes as serial-killer activity.

Cloud State Universityvoiced his support for the theory on an episode of Larry King Live in which the alleged murders were discussed. Criminal profiler Pat Brown calls the serial-killer theory "ludicrous", arguing that the evidence does not fit what is known about serial killers.

Brown also believes that the smiley-face images found in some of the cases are likely nothing more than coincidences based upon guesses as to where the bodies entered the water, with smiley-face graffiti only found after a wide-area search. The FBI has reviewed the information about the victims provided by two retired police detectives, who have dubbed these incidents the "Smiley Face Murders," and interviewed an individual who provided information to the detectives. To date, we have not developed any evidence to support links between these tragic deaths or any evidence substantiating the theory that these deaths are the work of a serial killer or killers.

The vast majority of these instances appear to be alcohol-related drownings. The FBI will continue to work with the local police in the affected areas to provide support as requested. Ruben Rosario of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has questioned Gannon's motives, stating that Gannon has failed to provide any factual evidence that a group of killers exists, and that others, such as reporter Kristi Piehl the original reporter of Gannon and Duarte's theory and some of the parents of the young men, who were at first encouraged by Gannon, now wonder if he is actually hurting the grieving families.

One of the parents, Bill Szostak, and Rosario even speculate that Gannon is seeking money or notoriety. Another parent, Kathy Geib, is working with Piehl and others, but their main goal is to convince police to take a second look at cases of alcohol-related drownings. In JanuaryOxygen TV aired a docuseries that examines victims of the smiley-face murder theory.

Smiley-face graffiti has been found at most of the crime scenes, which is how the cases are connected. The show seeks to find a possible connection to the smiley-face murder theory in hopes of reopening the cases and redefining the causes of death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alleged serial killings.

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Not to be confused with Happy Face killer. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Eponymous Rox 13 June CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Kevin Gannon; D. Lee Gilbertson 7 March Some believe the Smiley Face Killers theory is nothing more than an urban legend, but former New York Police Department detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte are convinced that the drowning deaths of hundreds of young men are the work of a serial killer gang.

For the past 20 years, Gannon and Duarte have investigated dozens of accidental or undetermined drowning cases — which they believe are homicides — across the country. After finding a series of smiley face symbols painted near where the men's remains were recovered, they finally had a name for the possible serial killer gang: the Smiley Face Killers.

Though local law enforcement and the FBI have shut down Gannon and Duarte's theory, there are a few clues from the cases that are hard to discount. These are five of those chilling details that just might make you believe in the Smiley Face Killings:.

Gannon and Duarte claim that spray-painted smiley faces have been left by the killers at many of the victims' death sites. According to the former detectives, the eerie symbols differ in size, shape and color, and some don devil horns or are accompanied by a grim message.

Central to Gannon and Duarte's Smiley Face Killer theory is the belief that the victims were abducted and drugged before their murders.

The majority of the alleged Smiley Face victims were athletic, successful students who were well-liked by their peers. According to Gannon and Duartethe young men were most likely targeted because of these traits by killers who were "not smart Along with their personal similarities, all of the victims disappeared after a night of drinking with friends and were later found dead in a body of water.

In many of Gannon and Duarte's cases, the two contend that the state of the victims' remains was inconsistent with the original investigators' conclusion that they died from an accidental or undetermined drowning.

Another detail Gannon and Duarte believe points to the fact that the men were abducted, drugged and murdered before being placed in the water is that some of the victims' remains appear to be staged. Lee Gilbertson. Crime Time is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries. Digital Original. S1 - E9. These are five of those chilling details that just might make you believe in the Smiley Face Killings: 1.

Smiley Face Symbols. Presence of Drugs. Victim Profile. State of Remains. Staging Remains. Smiley Face Killers.


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