Prog house 2020

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Prog house 2020

A major progressive super PAC is targeting deep red states with crucial Senate races, a sign that the Democratic Party is pushing further into solidly Republican political territory in the final days of the campaign. Dan Sullivan. It will aim its volunteer army at the other states to text and call voters, encouraging them to register and vote. Unlike many other Democratic outside groups, NextGen is typically focused on using progressive messages to turn out progressive voters. We have a massive squad of volunteers eager to contact more voters to flip the White House and Senate.

Lindsey Graham and Democrat Jamie Harrison.

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In the Kansas Senate race, Democratic state Sen. Roger Marshall.

The 15 Best Progressive House Tracks Of February 2020

Don Bacon. Sullivan won his first Senate term by just over 6, votes, and NextGen is targeting just shy of 15, voters under the age of 39 there. NextGen is also targeting roughly 30, voters in Nebraska, just over 60, in Kansas andin South Carolina. The group has already made more than 15 million calls and texts into the 11 states it targeted at the beginning of the election cycle, and has met its voter contact goals in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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prog house 2020

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Join HuffPost.Capricciosa Original Mix. Manual Music. Progressive House. The Mastery Original Mix. Secret Reality. Temporarily Unknown. Around Us Original Mix. Alex O'Rion. Mango Alley. Strutter Kamilo Sanclemente Remix. Kamilo Sanclemente. Transensations Records. Redemption Original Mix.

prog house 2020

Alex Breitling. Monkey League. Hypnos Original Mix. Timeless Moment. Space Exploration Original Mix. AudienseS. Area Verde. Pole Folder. TrilucidPhil Martyn. Proton Music. Neglected Original Mix. Balance Music. Geisterbild Original Mix. Poesie Musik. Silk Road Original Mix.

2020 United States House of Representatives elections

RauschhausMel7em. Outta Limits.Add to My Chart. Moblack Records In The Spotlight Best of Progressive HouseVol. Escape Original Mix Progressive House. EDM Comps. Approaching Black. Brandon Mignacca.

Movement Machina.

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Desolation Original Mix Terry Da Libra. New Dimension Original Mix Jay FM.

Dance Top 2020 (Top Progressive House Selection 2020)

LoMe Progressive Mix Sound Quelle. Barbados Original Mix Not Now Please. Garden Original Mix Ascension Extended Mix Want U Original Mix Alex Pich. Izlaz Original Mix Falling LTN Remix Justin Greaves must be either unlucky or a pain in the ass to work with.

The leader of Crippled Black Phoenix has lost the majority of the band twice now. Adult Cinema is a remarkable one-man project helmed by multi-instrumentalist Mike Weston.

Hot and Cold is his third release and displays a mercurial talent, seemingly at ease with an array of instruments, skilfully moulding together an entertaining melange of styles.

The self titled debut album by Gargoyl can be summed up as Alice in Chains meets Voivod at an Opeth concert. And it should!

Best PROG HOUSE 2020

Yes are to release a new live album at the end of October and have rescheduled their Album Series concert tour for in the wake of dates cancelled earlier this year. Fragile was the original European Yes Tribute band formed in the late s. The group now works as an original band that pays tribute to Yes in its own unique way.

The plot revolved around a global pandemic virus caught from bats, bringing the world to its knees with no hope in sight.

prog house 2020

Welcome to House of Prog, your home for progressive music and more…featuring one of the few all vinyl shows on the web! Read More. The Commander-in-Chief: Berit, Vol. This year the band is ready with their sixth studio album "Hard to Kill", which will be released He pulled together a new band, they recorded the album, and now they are back with the next.

They may have replaced the bassist, and the one who FM: Synchronized by Kev Rowland September 27, Reviews 0 Comments FM are back with their twelfth studio album, and it is exactly what one expects from the guys, top quality melodic rock with great vocals, harmonies and hooks.

This album features analogue and digital percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, ukulele, many types of keyboards and synths, accordion, He is the only one still there from those early days, Buy this album.Tried and true, the progressive house sound keeps it's momentum, telling an endless story in which we all are invited to take part in.

Talented producers keep bringing fresh new music to the table this month. BOg adds an imaginative smattering of squelch and hi-hat hiss to proceedings, to create another delicious recipe for "Juno 99", as his second original track builds on a similar, joyously melodic blueprint, whilst exploring a deeper, more linear furrow. The legendary producer and long time house tastemaker Robert Babicz link up with label head honcho Alex Kaspersky for a big new tune on Dear Deer that will keep you dancing for days.

It has laser-like synths searching across the face of the track, with chord vamps bringing real drama as they slowly ride up and down the scales. An epic breakdown resets and draws you in deeper, only for things to drop once more and carry you away into the future. The Russian Linesman continues his journey including The Soundgarden's electronic figurehead, Nick Warrenwhom has re-connected with rising Argentinian superstar Nicolas Rada for their contribution to this bold remix venture.

Nick's place in the dance music halls of fame is well established and for Nicolas, the journey is still just unfolding, and their unique creative chemistry is in full flow here.

Tranquil and trippy in equal measure, the near two-minute centerpiece gradually heightens the senses through tasteful modulation and slow burning percussion, before getting washed away in a rush of white noise for a rhythmically charged finale. Tantum reworks and remixes "Parada" by Starkato and brings to it a sense of passion and emotion. A rippling arpeggio explodes into life alongside powerful bassline presence and machine-gun fire percussion. Karlsruhe is the epicenter of creative virtuosity where rhythm and melody combine in symbiotic harmony.

Serendeep opens another chapter by welcoming Kamilo Sanclemente and Zalvador to the label with their debut three track EP. His collaboration with fellow countryman Zalvador delivers a thumping groove with "Zaniah. The One Of A Kind label gains strength with Argentinian producer Nicolas Leonelli as he collaborates with Lio Q and Anhauser on the original cut "Kingdom Hearts" with proper sounds for all of progressive melodic gourmands!

Wizarding Wolf is known for releasing music without boundaries. For the 7th release the label invited Audioglider as a perfect example for variety of electronic sounds. Then dreamy synth leads and vocals take you straight into space. Kasey Taylor and Karl Pilbrow join the Sudbeat collective with an impressive doubleheader.

Muscular and deep, this is prog perfection in audio glory. Crafting his signature progressive sound, Mir Omar creates another amazing remix with his take on Paul Sawyer 's original "Terminus.

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His track "Awakening" combines melodic progressive elements with a hint of acid swell. MacIntyre return to his roots on Clubsonica Records. Using hypnotic, dark and euphoric sounds, the Californian delivers a seething original production. Its first remixer, D-Formationneeds no further introduction. His powerful take on melodic house and techno makes for an absolute roller!

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As mounds of bass roll, spacey effects add an astral vibe, before eventually melting down into a break of emotive chord changes and poignant motifs. Building subtly, the beauty lies in the drop, powerful yet classy, it sparks a new effects narrative set for dance floor destruction. Music Review. Hip Hop. Indie Rock.

Tech House. Chill Dance. Club Night. Event Coverage. Travel Camping.As February comes to a close the music releases keep churning out in full swing. This month Magnetic launches a new series of progressive house charts curated by Miami-based producer and DJ, Luke Hunter. Let's take a look. Melodies and lush pads make this a stand-out release with the title track being a must for progressive house lovers. Taking the listener in a variety of moods the release comes to a close on "With You" bringing you in for a gentle and playful landing.

The two created an uplifting take on the track with a driving groove that undeniably works on the dancefloor. It is well constructed with outstanding surround sounds and intricate grooves. This cut launches the track to a higher level of energy, creating an absolutely monstrous dancefloor experience. Bringing his remix touch to Droid9, he creates an epic journey with his remix of "Phoenix Symphony.

Quickly climbing the charts, this release is certainly one for your music crate. The title says it all, while bringing with it a set of thudding kick drums and a subtly catchy synth refrain. Echo Babylon was formed when two friends combined their passion for dance music which has led them all the way to releasing this new two-track EP on Modern Agenda.

The title track "Luxuria" is synth-laden and dirty with effected vocal licks that carry the ambiance of the tune, while the dreamy breakdown is sure to transfix any listener. Music Review. Hip Hop. Indie Rock. Tech House.

Chill Dance. Club Night. Event Coverage. Travel Camping. Home Charts.

prog house 2020

Get Magnetic Ad-Free for 30 Days. Join Today.Music keeps chugging along with many amazing productions just awaiting their moment to shine on dance-floors once again.

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Slowly some countries have reopened events and the tracks releasing are as strong as ever. Here are the best of July. Continuing to place themselves as one of underground dance music's esteemed labels, Meanwhile Recordings celebrates their third release with an EP from one of Holland's finest artists Roger Martinez. Hitting its stride, a perfectly weighted bassline joins the throng with its mirrored phrasing. Maintaining a relentless energy throughout, subtle percussive flourishes and clever motifs create a work of intensity and creativity.

Munich based artist Mlinar has been consistently creating top level music supported by some of the biggest artist in the world. His latest original "Exergon" delivers a melodic yet groovy masterpiece. Across darkened velvet skies stratified pads and filtered arpeggios glitter in deep reverberating space as the new original "Alhena" by Greenage and Golan Zocher appears. Swirling and dense soundscapes emerge with new energy formed from infinitely delayed synth lines and ethereal vocal phrases flying above seismic basslines and ticking rhythms.

Rigooni makes a solid remix of this beautiful original. Cid Inc. Electrically charged with thumping kicks and a tighter take on the groove, it's energetic prowess beams brightly.

Binding rhythmic flow with reprocessed vocals and dreamy arps makes for a sleek yet commanding first act. Grandiose and soothing in equal measure, glowing tones highlight the centerpiece, elevating mood before getting washed away as the groove gallops towards a stirring final movement.

The Selador Showcase series climbs one rung further up the ladder to claim an impressive eleventh notch on the bedpost on Dave Seaman's label. Athea returns to the fold with a no-nonsense heads down throbber in the form of "Rebel.

Quickly hitting its stride with a relentless rhythmic intent, organic instrumentation and smooth flowing melodies juxtapose against the driving beat and intricate tabla percussion.

Luciano Scheffer delivers a massive remix of the Nico Cerban original "Altered Senses" on the Balkan Connection label and has received a large amount of support from artists like Hernan Cattaneo and more. Tripy and other worldly sounds define the sound of Moodfreak's new remix of "Vertigo" from Nick Newman on the Droid9 imprint.


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