Klh model 6v

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Klh model 6v

How come I can't find anything anywhere on the KLH 5's? I've searched and searched the web, tried eBay, virtually nothing anywhere. From what I remember, they were top of the line speakers back in the 70's. They were the first set of quality speakers I had. I got them with a HK in Any ideas? Thanks for the replies. My thoughts Two things I noticed right off I bought them through a wholesale company in Illinois in March along with a HK receiver and an Elac Miracord turntable. I remember having the speakers down to either the KLH Model 5's or the AR 3a's and I picked the KLH's because they were said to have a little brighter sound than the 3a's, which would be preferred with rock music.

If the 5's were made fromI wonder if mine might have been a second series or something, since I bought mine in Well anyway, I hope someone can find some information on the 5's, I'd really like to figure this out.

I've never actually heard or worked on a pair of KLH Model 5's. Here's some information from my very outdated Blue Book:.

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I just stumbled across this site, so my comments are late but I have a pair of Model 5s in my small KLH collection and some original sales lit. If you're interested, I could send you a photo-copy of the lit no working scanner right now.

Its mostly marketing hype, but hey The woofer appears to be the same unit as used in the later version of the model 6, but I've never tested them to verify The cabinet is styled very much like the original Advent Large I also have a pair of AR3a's and I can tell you that the model 5s definitely have a "brighter" sound I've driven them with a p-p 6bq5 amp. I could never do that with the 3a's. I would definitely like to get as much KLH information online as possible.

I don't have much of anything at this point. I have a pair of Model 5's coming. They should be here any day now. I got them off Ebay. Also, my buddy has a pair of 3a's he said I can have, so I may end up with those, too. There's a guy with a site on the web that has ALL the reviews done by Audio, High Fidelity, and Stereo Review magazines from back in the 50's into the 80's. They are not posted on his site, you have to order whatever review you want and he will make you a copy and send it for five bucks.The cosmetic condition varies but all these pieces allow you to immediately access the joy of listening on true mid-century classics.

Our inventory of reconditioned units can be viewed on the Equipment For Sale page of this web site.

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Perfect for restoration, parts sourcing and similar DIY activities. We describe these as "Units for Recycling. These units are NOT suitable for immediate usage. Some parts may be missing. Some features won't work at all or perform very poorly. Every so often we also dispose of what we would describe as an "As-Is Working" unit as opposed to a "Unit for Recycling". With a little additional workthese systems could likely perform well.

We can describe these systems in some detail and, of course, they sell for a higher price than "Units for Recycling. The units for recycling and cannibalizing are offered as a service to the community of Kloss lovers and also to recoup some of the costs of collecting KLH components from the late s and early s. I am not a technician. I am an enthusiast, recording engineer and historian of audio technology. We do have a variety of component accessories for sale.

This includes things like spindles, knobs, cables, headshells, dustcovers and various cosmetic items.

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We can also help with manuals and schematics. These are priced fairly. We stock "as-is" KLH speakers ranging from fair to good condition. We also offer Gotham interconnect and speaker cables, terminated with high quality Amphenol RCA connectors, for use with KLH systems and other s era components. Some partially cannibalized. All functions were working but during final testing it lost power - bad capacitors in the power supply are causing a fuse to blow and other capacitors for audio are failing.

Cosmetically the base unit looks quite nice. Changer works but certainly needs cleaning and lubrication. Tone Arm is sticking a bit so this will need work and adjustment.

The jacks that take the speaker outputs need to be remounted. It is missing some plastic knows. This is a unit that will require time and attention to restore and some expense.Will Quality printed manuals always be available when YOU want one?

Maybe not. PDF Manuals Catalog-files. Quality Scale - Spare Originals. This site is partially supported by ad revenue. If you follow any of those links and end up acquiring a manual, it will not be from us. Here is why we may deserve your business We love our Vintage Audio and other built-to-last electronics equipment in an age of disposable products for a throw-away society.

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klh model 6v

But every single item is not and we refuse to give a false impression that they are. We want you to see a detailed description and individually-assigned quality rating before you purchase. This time-consuming extra service is almost never provided by our competitors. Customer complaints are nearly zero, perhaps one per sales. We believe that virtually none of our competitors could truthfully make a similar claim.

We are a USA based family business operating old-school style. That means real people trying to serve you as if we were a walk-in store in your local neighborhood. We always combine shipping on multiple-item orders and do not rip you off on shipping charges.

If interested, check out About Our Manuals and other site sections with the menu links at the top of all pages. If you would like for us to be here in the futureyou can help by telling your friends and by sharing links to our site in your discussion groups, forums, blogs and web sites.

We have been slowly updating these manuals lists over the years. We also have more than Gigabytes of various manuals, schematics, brochures, etc in mostly PDF format.

They number perhapsfiles. Truth is that we may never get them listed on our site. But they are available. Click here for further PDF manuals informatiion. We will send you an email invoice with combined shipping to save you money along with payment options info. Use the Contact Us page to send us an email.

If you want info for an undescribed or priced itemrequest it via an email.By splJanuary 12, in KLH. This will be my very first time to own a KLH Speaker!

I'm awaiting them, I don't have them with me yet. I'm not very sure what age my particular Model 6 are? Please see the pics below Not taken by me! What is their impedance and sensitivity?

Do I have to be careful with amp matching with the Model 6? Like all Exposure amps Woofers were very strong and durable, one of my tweeters was DOA and had to be replaced, luckily this same tweeter was used in the 17s and other KLH models and was easy to find. These had the reputation of being best for acoustic music, not really favored for rock- kind of the old "East coast vs west coast" sound thing.

I here him sometimes on the overhead muzak in the grocery but no one is aware of him in Maryland. They shouldn't be overly picky about what amp you use, etc. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms. Durable, good quality East Coast speakers. I always keep one pair here. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

klh model 6v

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. KLH Search In. KLH Model 6. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted January 12, Hello, I'm new here!


Shane is my name. Living in West London, England. I have 2 Solid State Integrated amps. Exposure XV Integrated. Marantz Model Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 17, Hello Shane- Great speakers! I think that the nominal impedance is around 6 ohms. The pair I had were very power hungry- sounded best with lots of power, watts per side. I loved mine and am now looking for another pair.Quick links.

Username: Password: Remember me? Please login or register an account. Board index Hardware Amplifiers and Loudspeakers. KLH Model 6 vs. KLH Model 17 amplifiers, receivers and loudspeakers.

Which model is better? KLH Model 6 6. I've read Model 6 is unrivalled and is a classic, whereas Model 17 is considered to be of best value, and a minor step down from Model 6.

However, my question would be which one is better? What do I need to check or look out for? Which, in your personal opinion, is the best KLH model made? Design wise they are past their best. Therefore unless you can get them really cheap you would be better off saving your money until something better comes along that will really make your TD sing. BTW Have you concidered headphones?

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You will get far more bang for your buck, and you can still add some great speakers when you find them. The 6 was in the KLH line for many years. Careful reworking of crossover to replace tired caps, corroded contacts and old solder joints might be in order. Are they in perfect shape? Already had some work done to refresh them?? If you are in love with the idea and sound of vintage speakers I'd go the extra bucks for the 6. Hamlet Act 1. Finding a good working pair at any cost would be an issue I bet.

They made great sound back in the day and was considered a poor persons stereo system to lust after and own. However, the main problem with either of these speakers today is the surround on the speakers. Most of the speakers that are still around has rotting surround.

This means immediate repair. So, I would not purchase thes speakers without hearing them first. If you do you might be sorry. Re: KLH Model 6 vs.They looked OK from the outside — the cabinets and veneers were in decent shape with no gouges or chips, only some water damage.

The grilles were complete but the weave was sagging. Inside drivers in both cabinets looked complete and untouched. I purchased the set from a nice older gentleman who had bought them new along with a wheezy Pioneer SX receiver. For some reason he held on to the receiver, however. Water-damaged KLH veneer. Soon to get all better. The early models of the 6 had the woofer and the tweeter epoxied right to the cabinet and they cabinets were glued shut, making repairs all but impossible.

My set, thankfully, were a later vintage model with drivers screwed into the cabinets. I pulled them open to see what I could see. The crossover was pretty simple — a few resistors glued to the backing plate with three capacitors hanging in between the drivers, with a lot of nasty fiberglass insulation thrown in for good measure.

I read a lot more online and found out that these KLHs were notorious for having failing caps in the crossover system which could render the tweeter inoperable. Sometimes new caps were all that was needed to bring things back to life, other times the failed cap created an open circuit which blew the tweeter. I soldered in new capacitors in both speakers from Parts-Express standard Daytons and put everything back together.

One speaker sounded amazing, the other not so. I had a dead tweeter on my hands. Nasty fiberglass batting. Use gloves to pull out. A nice gentleman on the Polk Forum sent me a replacement tweeter he had sitting around and I mounted it. In testing with the new caps in I finally understood what everyone was talking about.

These sounded great! Guitar notes shimmered and hung.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by audioAug 1, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: guyana. Well, the most amazing thing happened tonight.

He brought them back and told me that they didn't have as much bass as his little book shelf speakers and so he wasn't interested. I told him that something was wrong and that he either didn't hook them up correctly or his amp was a pile.

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I suggested that we plug them into my Arcam Alpha 9 and see how they do. The Cantabiles were more detailed in the high end and were slightly faster, with more air and space around the vocals. At the same time, they sounded dry and analytical, overly bright, mechanical, and miniature. For these reasons, the KLH speakers sounded more like a live event because of their 'larger' sound.

I felt that the Cantabiles, while certainly providing wonderful clarity in the upper registers, were giving me everything I didn't want emphasized in the music.

The KLH speakers sounded bigger, more natural, more musical, with a subtle honey colored glow that struck me as being a pleasant and welcome coloration. While the KLH lacked the pristine detail in the very top end, they sounded fantastic and friendly without a trace of harshness. The KLH delivered more presence, better tonal reproduction of various instruments, better bass, and threw out a surprisingly huge soundstage and actually disappeared!

I'm not sure what would have happened if I would have flicked the treble switch on the back or removed the grills in terms of matching the etched and surgical high end of the Cantabiles. Not that the KLH speakers lacked high end by any means, in fact they were quite proficient and actually had wonderful top end reproduction, they simply weren't quite as impressive as the Cantabiles, but it was a welcome phenomenon due to how velvety the KLH tended to sound in contrast.

Vintage KLH Model 6 speakers: Oh my god!!!

On certain program material, the KLH sounded a tad boxy, certain vocals sounded a little veiled, and there was definitely a hump in the the lower mids, but again, this was pleasing to the ear and it's hard to determine what is closer to reality because of the size of the 10" KLH woofer compared to the 6" in the Cantabile.

The KLH also tended to blur slightly during loud and complex passages such as the last section in "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. However, the KLH were set up poorly and I would think the smaller woofer in the Cantabile would move faster and be understandably more nimble. Perhaps on stands and at a proper listening height, the KLH speakers would outperform the Cantabiles across the board.

The bottom line is that after listening to the KLH speakers, I was excited and happy. I thoroughly enjoyed them and wanted to hear more music! After comparing the Cantabiles, I felt relieved to turn the music off and rest my ears.

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While the Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabiles have a reputation of being warm and smooth in today's market, I'd say they definitely need to be matched carefully with the right tube gear, etc.

I don't know if I just stumbled across a perfect system match with the KLH speakers, or what.

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This experience made me want to start swapping out amplifiers and cd players just to see how good these Model 6 really are. I am sure it only gets better from here.

klh model 6v

I have to be honest and say that I am totally shocked at how fantastic the KLH speakers sounded in my system. In fact, after I sell my Cantabiles, I am looking forward to living with them while I wait for my Tannoys to arrive. Taking price into consideration with all the above factors, these swap meet specials handsomely trashed their expensive and exquisite imported competition. If you don't like them, I'll put you in touch with my friend Matt who is mad now because I told him these are temporarily no longer for sale.

Location: Greater Toronto Area. Sounds like you're hooked! Congratulations on your big score! I may have to keep an eye out for these!

Just what I need - yet another set of speakers GaryAug 1,


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