Infinix hot 4 pro network problem

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Infinix hot 4 pro network problem

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Another difference between the duo can be found in the RAM and internal storage aspect where the Note 4 uses a smaller RAM and ROM than its senior counterpart, lets quickly glance through the key specs of the Note 4 Pro. Infinix Note 4 Pro sports a 5. Both the Note 4 and Note 4 pro uses the same display resolution which is set at by pixels providing us with a full HD screen. Android 7. You should expect nothing but a sleek and improved user interface, the Note 4 pro will certainly be getting regular OS update from its manufacturer on the long run.

This is just the same as what was offered in the Note 3 and Note 4.

How to fix Android WiFi, Bluetooth and Hotspot not working

With the help of XPower feature, the Infinix Note 4 Pro can reach a standby time of 2 days for normal usage and 1. Infinix Note 4 Pro price in Pakistan, Ghana, Cameroon, Egypt and other countries will be confirmed when the device is subsequently available in these region.

From Jumia Nigeria — Click Here. From Jumia Kenya — Click Here. Infinix Note 4 Pro is really outstanding in both design, battery and feature aspects, talk of the sleek and brilliant body build, the X-pen and the sufficient 4, mAh battery. Though the processor and system on chip SoC is bit below what we expected to see, the device is a good value for its money. You would definitely want to consider going for the basic variant which is the Infinix Note 4 if you feel the Note 4 Pro is a bit over priced.

InnJoo Max 4 Pro should also be consider if big battery, bigger RAM and bigger internal storage space are the major things you look out for in a smartphone. I bought this phone as a backup mainly because I had 2 spare SIM cards that I wished to activate to diversify my access to network. Carries me a whole day at heavy use.

Charges fast — even with good non-native chargers. Its worse, after updating apps from Google Play store. Not a problem so far. Tried several other SMS apps from the store to see if there would be a desired change. Rarely responds. And responds slowly. I had to go back to Screen unlock and had to use Pattern unlock faster!

The Infinix NOTE 3 last Infinix Phone I used was way way more responsive at fingerprint unlock — though the phone had long term Zero performance issues in just about anything else. The Google Lens thing? Good morning, am considering buying Note 5 stylus, but it does not have swag like the Note 4 pro. I am considering going for Hot S3X. Help me out please. I bought my infinix note 4 pro X, very nice phone but can you please help me how to work my x-pen, its not working. It does.

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infinix hot 4 pro network problem

I leave in warri. How much is the cost currently? Hello Diamond, thanks for stopping by.

Infinix Hot 4 Pro

We currently do not sell phones through our resources. You can check some reputable online stores or offline phone vendors in your area for device. Pls sir I got my infinix note 4 pro December and is not fast charging what might may d Cox? It was fasting d first two weeks. I noticed front camera of infinix note 4 pro is just wack, no matter the illumination it blurry, please do it have something to do with the settings.Infinix launched the latest smartphone called Infinix Hot 4 Pro which comes with decent price and specs.

If you are looking to buy, then let me clarify that just like any other smartphone, you may face some of the software issues which can be easily resolved. It is powered by 1. The phone packs 16GB internal memory chip.

The device comes out of the box with Android 6. It also has a Fingerprint sensor mounted on the back. Just like every other Smartphone or tablet, Infinix Hot 4 Pro also has shortcomings too. Here in this article, we have compiled all the common problems in Infinix Hot 4 Pro that the users may encounter. We also given all the solutions as to how you can solve the issues or troubleshoot yourself.

Most common problems of Infinix Hot 4 Pro and Their solution and bug fixes.

infinix hot 4 pro network problem

Only some Infinix Hot 4 Pro users have encountered one or more problems. Most of the handsets have had no problems at all. If you buy a Infinix Hot 4 Proyou may not encounter any problem at all.

There have been problems with performance issues with the Infinix Hot 4 Pro and we always search the web for How to fix this problem in Infinix Hot 4 Pro. It goes for rebooting repeatedly and at random. There have been issues of stutter and lag also. Sometimes there is a rapid draining of the battery even when the phone is not in use.

If we love gaming then we know that nowadays most of the smartphone comes with support for 1K, 2K gaming. As is the case, Infinix Hot 4 Pro may overheat or drain the battery in case if we stream online video or play games for a long time. We all already know that most of the users these days use smartphones either for playing high-performance video games or streaming online videos of high resolution.

Such use of smartphones leads to overheating and battery drain issue in these devices. I bought Infinix Hot 4 Pro from Gearbest, and now my phone brightness is very low. When I play any video on Infinix Hot 4 Pro, the brightness automatically goes to a minimum level. What should I do? Did you ever face any situation like that?

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We can overcome the low brightness issue with some simple solution. This brightness issue on Infinix Hot 4 Pro can be fixed with the help of the application. If you have the latest OTA, then upgrade and see if the brightness issue has solved. A permanent solution will soon be available. It is one of the best tools which help in getting a control the brightness feature.

Fortunately, there is a free version too available. Some users have reported that Infinix Hot 4 Pro does not recognize by Windows 10 as a storage device.With amazing features and speed.

Read full guide on how to make your cell phone battery last longer. He cannot manage to check anything on it under sunlight. You may notice when playing any video games the brightness automatically goes to a minimum level. Have you ever face like that? The brightness issue can be fixed until the help of application. If you have the latest OTA, the upgrade and see if brightness issue has been solved.

If the problem still persist. Some users have reported that their smartphone does not recognize by window It becomes very hard to transfer files or media. Though the phone may charge but will be unable to connect. Restore the camera settings to default how to restore depends on which product of infinix you are using. There are issues with performance problems with the some Infinix and that we forever search the net for a way to solve this problems.

It goes for rebooting repeatedly and randomly. There are likewise problems with stutter and lag.

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It lists the applications that area unit active on waking the phone. Boot the device into Safe Mode. The expedient is to perform the factory reset. If all the above solutions do not solve your problem you can report to them. Please leave a comment below if you are experiencing any other problems and you will have a reply to fix them.

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No sim network shown or can be used, bought only two months ago. Since it was bought 2 months ago, I think it should have warranty.So you want to get the Infinix Note 4, but you want to be completely sure you are making the right choice.

Infinix Hot 6 PRO Common Issues and Problems

You fear getting a bad device, or getting shortchanged?? But, like any other phone, it has its issues. Read my full review for everything about the phone. I have complains I hope Infinix will put into consideration with their next phone. You can also read the best things about the Infinix Note 4. Infinix needs to get serious about the processors they use.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Note 4 is its processor. For real, this phone would be so much better with a more powerful processor. With the current one, and 2GB RAM, the device gets sluggish with certain tasks, and takes time to start apps or do otherwise normal tasks.

It can be so frustrating at times. I have also had issues receiving MPesa texts while using the Infinix Note 4. I initially thought it was Safaricom network issues, but since he mentioned it, I think this might be an issue.

I had to reset my device at some point. So those are the issues I have had with the Infinix Note 4 over the many weeks I have been using it.

I want to believe that the Note 4 found a really good compromise for price and specs, and is worth recommending. The Infinix Note 4 Pro launches in Kenya this month. I feel like returning. I hope warrant works.

The mb is fake. Infinix Note for is good device. But one day it asks me to update the device And u updated. In old one it was freezer app ultra power app several apps was so good. But after updating this new software all app gone automatically. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy.

infinix hot 4 pro network problem

Password recovery. Sunday, April 12, They are great brands of smartphones if you ask me. It is normal for bugs in smartphone functionality when it happens only to the operating system.

But when you have issues with Infinix Wifi not working, fingerprint sensor not working and all that; it become a panic. When you study the above well, you would understand that it is a whole lots of problem. To fix these Infinix Hot 4 pro problems, I have to categorize them according to similar fix method. When your Infinix Hot 4 or its Pro reboots constantly, what you do is to make sure that you have updated your firmware to its latest version.

When permission keeps saying screen overlay is turned on; it is either that you have installed a battery saver, energy saver or screen filter. It is not basically a fault from Infinix. Now select recently installed apps one after the other and deselect the option to draw over other apps.

If your Infinix internal storage is not accessible via PC or USB cable, then it is either the driver is not correctly installed on your system or USB cable is charge only. For the case of incorrectly installed driver, what you do is to update your ADB driver. It is simple to install. On the dialog window, select Device Manager. Locate the USB driver marked unknown to find the correct match. You should know how to update Windows driver. If your battery drains too fast or takes longer to charge complete, it is either you change charger or discharge your battery manually.

To discharge your battery, open the back cover. Remember that it is non-removable battery. What you do now is to take off the clip holding the battery to the internal case. Leave it for about 2 minutes and put it back. Please, if you had no idea about this, meet a phone technician. If your Infinix Camera stops responding after update to Nougat, you can simply reset camera Setting to Default. If it does not work, try to clear the Camera Cache. For the case of Infinix Camera quality, it is either your build is yet to fix the camera quality issue.

Always make sure to clear Cache as well as factory reset after updates. Try the above solution for camera not responding on this. This will reset all your network settings including your saved wifi, wifi settings, bluetooth, data.

Firmware is an official manufacturers bugs fixes and new functionalities to particular devices. Connect to the internet and get updated.

For finger you need to use your all ten finger print one by one. You can able to unlock your from your 1st selected finger. It could be that the signal strength is not stable. I have reset app preferences, and have shut down the phone and waited for some time, even rebooted it, still same thing??? It is obvious that you updated to Infinix Nougat Beta version which is the cause of this.

You have done almost everything you can as far as my knowledge can take me.

Infinix hot 4 pro x556 problem wifi

You may try any of these 1. Clear Play Store data through the App manager 2. Re-install Facebook from Play Store. If it fails to re-install using Play store, then download Parallel Space and install Parallel space 4. If it fails, Facebook Lite may not fail.Finally, the infinix hot note x which was bricked has finally woken up from coma after about 4 days.

All process completed and the device is now working fine. If you have been following my latest posts especially those that has to do with rooting and installing cwm recoveryyou would recall I made mention of my infinix hot note x hard-bricked. Following that post, I promised to publish a solution on how i fixed the device when the device starts running. Perhaps, it would come in handy for those interested. Few days ago, I intend doing a factory reset on the phone.

My aim was to factory reset the phone to its default state since I barely use the phone considering the fact that I own an iPhone, Blackberry 10 as well as the latest zero 2.

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Before doing a factory reset, I had to unroot it using the Kingroot app in other to avoid bricking soft demage. Every thing worked out well and the factory reset process went smoothly. Just when the phone had fully started up and running smoothly, an update popped up. Download was complete and the phone had to restart in other to complete the update. It was during this process, the phone automatically came up with a No Command Error.

Ooophs, phone bricked! At that point, the only options displayed were the once shown on the image below:. I had to research on how to unbrick the phone and while following a tutorial online, there was an interruption and the phone became hard-bricked.

infinix hot 4 pro network problem

Even when connected to the computer and a power outlet. Simply put, no sign of life on the phone. About 4 days later, the phone came back to life, I initiated the flashing process and Voila, infinix hot note X is fully back to life and functional. This should aid you in case you encounter any issues with the infinix hot note or any other android phone running on MTK MediaTek processor.

Just before I lead you on the processes involved, let me state down the requirements. You can use WinZip software in unzipping the files. Wait till the count is complete because any interruption whatsoever will make the phone hard-bricked. When the device boots to the start up options, I am sure by then, there should be a smile on your face because you have successfully unbricked your phone.

Above is the picture of the Infinix hot note x successfully unbricked and everything is working perfectly fine so far. If you have any questions or comment regarding unbricking a bricked phone, do ask your questions using the comment form and I will reply as soon as I can.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform.

He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! But when I remove the mtn sim from the infinix and insert into another phone, I can do all of the above without stress.But as you may already know, that is no guarantee that the phone is actually compatible with the network. LTE compatibility is messy.

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We ran tests on the six 6 4G networks that we have access to here at MobilityArena. Here are our findings. No issues whatsoever. We soon found out with further use that XOS has changed and this, it time does not offer the ability to peg to 4G.

You can peg to 2G and 3G, but not 4G. See our Infinix Note 4 Pro Review for details. The phone promptly picked up the signal and automatically configured its APN and we were browsing in no time. The removal of the ability to peg network mode to 4G is a bummer with us. While we knew from the specs sheet that the Note 4 does not support the 4G LTE bands of both Glo and Spectranet, we ran tests for them as well all the same.

You just never can tell. Other hands-on review articles are on the way. If interested, check out the Infinix Note 4 specifications page. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the Glo 4G matter. That is the LTE band they were allocated. Anyone interested in using Glo 4G just has to get a smartphone compatible with it.

The Note 4 works with regular 2G and 3G networks. Someone should explain this to me please. It looks to me like Nfinix made several compromises in order to keep the Note 4 within a price range. I look at the material it is made of, the LTE band support, and how it is generally not so much of an upgrade from the Note 3, and that is my conclusion. But it should have supported all network.


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